A Note Of Thanks

Life and Happiness

I’ve recently had some moments of “You’re not good enough” in my life. A few people have treated me unfairly or not been as appreciative as they could be and I got down on myself as a result. I think, especially as women, we can all relate to this feeling. We often push ourselves very hard, strive to help others to a point where we’re not appreciating ourselves, much less being appreciated. We can fall into a downward spiral of self hate and hardened hearts due to the constant negative onslaught both online, within our circle of “friends” and within our own minds.

As I thought about this more, I wondered how much I truly gave appreciation to others in my life. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that the words simply don’t come out of my mouth even though I’m VERY grateful for a lot of people in my life. I think we all can tend to fall into that trap, too.

So, here is my list of appreciation. It isn’t enough and maybe not everyone will see it, but I want to put it out there. If you’re reading this and someone is on this list that might not see it – please share it with them. I want people to know I appreciate them and I want people to feel appreciated. In this day and age, it’s something we’re all lacking. If you feel like you haven’t appreciated the people in your life enough, I encourage you today to tell them how much you care or how much they’ve impacted your life.

My husband – You are my rock and the person who most often talks me off a ledge. You hear every bad thought I have in my head and love me anyway. You listen to me rant, rave, cuss, and feel neglected by others and you simply listen and hold me until the pain ebbs away. You do chores and small things for me constantly that I don’t acknowledge and, yet, you continue to do them. Thank you. I love you.

Pat – You were there when Max died. You held me as I held him at the end and you understood. You’ve been my friend for over 10 years (closing in on 15)! We’ve had our ups and downs, but you are loyal and steadfast and encouraging. Thank you.

My parents – Steadfast through it all. There is so much I could have never gotten through without you. Thank you.

The Pidcoes – You are our extended family. I am so blessed to call you friends and to know your daughters. The other night you told me I was influential in your child’s lives and it meant so much to me to hear that. I never want to overstep my boundaries, but I know you respect me and have encouraged John and I to be in their lives and, for that, we are thankful. When Meg snuggled up with me on the couch the other night, my heart overflowed. We love you.

My DAR “peeps” (Val, Deb) – Newfound friends that I cannot be happier to have found. We are all strong women and, yet, have faced many hardships, fought many internal battles and are still kicking. I am thankful to have people like you both who are outside my “normal” circle so that I can grow and learn as a woman. I pray that I can help you do the same. I love this thing called the DAR – and it’s mainly due to the both of you.

My readers – Where would I be without supportive readers? I’ve considered quitting this thing called “writing” so many times and so many of you have encouraged me NOT to do so. I want to do more for you. I want to write epic novels and inspiring blog posts so you can have something exciting and wonderful to read. You encourage me to keep going and to pursue my dreams. Thank you.

God – How can I do this without thanking God? I am so grateful for His saving grace, His daily mercies and His never-ending strength. He is my rock, my fortress, my stronghold, my salvation…through every time I feel unloved, unforgiven, unworthy, unappreciated and just simply LOW – HE is there. HE is loving me, forgiving me, telling me of my worth, appreciating me and making me stand back up. And He can be there for you, too, if you let Him.

Now that I’m filled with so much love in my heart, I can go about my day with a newfound joy and an uplifted spirit. I pray you will start off your day in an uplifting and joyful way too – tell someone today how much they mean to you.

Happy Friday!


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