Expansion on the Horizon

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Well, we’re almost at the halfway mark of the year and I’m contemplating my freelance business once again. It’s not taken off as I’d hoped, but I’ve made good progress and accomplished a lot of goals. I’m using each day to try and further my brand by teaching myself new things. I learned how to use MailChimp this year to start periodic newsletters. (If you’d like to sign up for my newsletter – I send one RARELY, but sometimes there is free stuff – click here.) And I’ve been doing work that is outside my normal “editing” work hat.

So here are a few new things I’m adding to my repertoire.

  1. Basic websites. Obviously, I run and maintain my own website, but I’ve also designed and set up WordPress sites for friends and other organizations. Here are the ones I’ve either set up and/or maintain: Watsontown Baptist ChurchSt. Davids Christian Writers’ ConferenceEmmy’s Heart, and A Legacy Worth Leaving. As you can see, these range from the free WP site to paid ones involving plugins and a variety of widgets. If I haven’t used it yet, I teach myself how to do it.
  2. Ebook formatting. (Through CreateSpace) I set up and published my own ebook this year and have helped several friends to also do so. I’ll be working with one of my clients to also format his non fiction book this year, too. Let me help you format your book for self publishing and you just focus on the writing.
  3. Workshops. I’ll be co-teaching a workshop at St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference next month on devotion writing. I’m looking at expanding my workshop portfolio to include some about blogging, websites, and editing. I’m currently outlining each and looking for conferences and speaking engagements. If you know of someone who would benefit from or be interested one of my workshops, please let me know.

So, once again, I’m continuously trying to expand my horizons and keep this freelancing business afloat. There is a lot of aspects to working from home that I love and I simply don’t want to give it up.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of my services, please send me a message and I’d be happy to discuss options.



2 thoughts on “Expansion on the Horizon

  1. Well done, Sue. You’re improving and expanding your writing horizons. May God richly bless all the work of your hands and continue to confirm the work of your hands.

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