Mini Post Monday

Life and Happiness

The weather is finally warming up here in PA – I’ve said multiple prayers that God will let us keep it this time. I’m finding it hard to stay in the house at this point because the weather is just so beautiful. But that’s good because I’ve been getting some added exercise – some nice walks with my husband which I’ve missed over the winter months – and it’s helped my hip to feel a bit better. Now I just need to find time to get out there to start my garden!

Our river view.

In addition to my hip being a bit better and the weather changing, our church is starting some fellowship type events and we held our first one last weekend. (As you know, I’d been feeling a bit discontented with my church recently.) We held a “Crafting for a Cause” day and invited the public. We made dog treats and dog beds for a local rescue shelter and a variety of other blankets and crafts for a mission in Cordova, AK that we support. Some of the ladies also made roller bandages for the White Cross! YES! People still do that!

It was really a wonderful time of fellowship. We met two new ladies from neighboring churches and it was a blessing to hear their stories and get to know them a bit, too. We’re planning another (or two) of these events this year simply because it was fun and we have more supplies!


I’ve been a bit worried about my freelance business recently and I’ve been praying that God will show me His will for this giant step I’ve taken. I was really worried I might have to go back to a “regular” job (am still considering it…), but God is faithful all the time. I’ve taken on one new client in the last week – with the possibility of a long-term relationship. I hope more is coming – I like to be busy and to provide for my family – but I know that God is providing for us and I’ll keep seeking His face and guidance.


I’d like to end with a bit of prayer requests if you’d all be so kind in your daily prayers to think about these folks. I’m only giving first name initials for some – God knows who they are. Thank you.

S. – a family member who has been suffering with an un-diagnosed illness.

B. – a friend going through chemo.

B. – a family with sons who are unbelievers and in need of some mental help as well.

Watsontown Baptist Church and all churches in this country and beyond that are seeking to spread the gospel – to be firm in the Lord and to keep moving forward in His grace and mercy.

Our nation and our president and other leaders – for wisdom, discernment, patience and grace.


Thank you all. Happy Monday!




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