Mini Post Monday

Life and Happiness

Happy Monday, folks. We’re already halfway through the month! Can you believe it?

This past Saturday, my parents, hubby and I went on a promotional train ride. It was coordinated by our town, which is celebrating their Bicentennial. The excursion wasn’t a long one (about an hour) but we had a nice time and the weather cooperated beautifully. A friend of mine recently traveled on Amtrak for several weeks, too. Based on some of her posts about it, I think I am happy this was a short excursion. Not sure I could stay cooped up in these small boxes for more than a day, tops. But the swaying of the rails did lull me a bit and I could have slept. The seats were “two day” – we sat forward both to and from even though the train didn’t turn around. The seats shifted so we could sit the other way on the ride back. (Check out this link for how they worked.)


Someone I follow on LinkedIn said something recently about being an INFJ personality type. I thought I was too, so I took an online test again to determine I am, in fact, an INFJ. Basically, I’m an introverted, but emotional type of individual. BUT, they also added a “T” to the end, which apparently means I’m a “turbulent” personality. (I think it has something to do with my emotional state, which can be like a playground swing or roller coaster.) I think my husband would agree. I’m also an “Advocate” which “is very rare, making up less than one percent of the population, but they nonetheless leave their mark on the world.” While I tend to be someone who “fights for the cause”, I am also someone who does so to the extreme and often burns out easily. Can I get an “amen”? Want to know more about me? Read this. Let me know what type you are – do we connect?


Starting on June 20th, I’m heading to my annual writing conference. We have a plethora of new people this year and I’m excited to meet some new creatives. The week is always a bit exhausting for me (’cause I’m an INFJ…see above), but I do love meeting people who think like me and to see what folks are writing. This week always inspires me to get my own writing going again – in a concrete way. I’m also talking with some people, hopefully making connections, about my Bible study book. Your prayers for that is appreciated!


And, before you know it, it’ll be July. Sheesh. The summer is half over! Ha! No, just kidding. Plenty of time to get out there and enjoy life. What are you doing this week?

Happy Monday!!


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