Friday Fun!

Life and Happiness

Hi, all! I’m at the great St. Davids Christian Writers’ Conference this week so I can’t blog too much. My brain is full and I’ve met scores of new people, but I don’t want to leave you all out!

Our conference is almost over this year, but if you know someone who is a writer in the PA, OH or even NJ, NY, MD, VA areas, give them a heads up about this awesome conference. We’d love to have even more people attend next year. Check out our website:

From our website: “St. Davids is special. We’re an intimate gathering of writers that provides an opportunity to build a network, not by exchanging business cards in a busy hallway. Here we connect, like real people – laughing over lunch, chatting about our projects in the lounge, or giving our elevator pitch in genre group meetings. Writing is a different beast with the digital world, but connecting with people is still done face to face.”

Here we connect over hot meals and within cool classrooms. The people I’ve met at this conference have been folks I’ve been able to network and pray with as well as simply be friends. We’re bonded for life. And we have fun!


I hope you’ll consider joining us next year. Make sure you sign up on our website for the newsletter so you can keep abreast of when registration opens for 2018!

Happy Friday!!!


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