Catching My Breath and Moving Forward


It’s July, people! Where did June go? I learned so much from my writing conference the other week and met some really awesome new friends, but, oy!, I’m still catching up. Alas, we must move forward. Time marches on, as they say.

I talked with a friend the other day whom had also just returned from TWO conferences (No clue how she managed that.) and we agreed that it’s always a mix of 1) Catching up on “normal” life activities and 2) Processing all we’ve learned during our time away.

In fact, I was following up with her because I’m working on this nonfiction book geared toward negative thinkers and how we can use God’s words to refute the lies we tell ourselves. After speaking to a woman at conference, I wanted to get my friend’s take on it. The woman at conference seemed to think my book was ready to go – and that thought petrified me. I realized I was no where near ready to publish, but thought I better get the perspective of someone I know and respect and who has been through the traditional publishing process with a similar book. Our chat not only encouraged me, but continues to spur me forward. The book is NOT done, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do some things to start a buzz about it.

So, I’m working on my first ever book proposal and rewriting some of the book. I realized that the chapters are not “meaty” enough so I’ll be reworking some of them, combining some and writing more. It seems now like I truly have a foothold so I’m anxious to keep going. Your prayers are, as always, appreciated.

I’m working hard on setting goals for myself and striving to achieve them and here’s a few other things in the works:

  • At conference, I co-taught a workshop on “Essentials of Writing a Good Devotion” with my friend and mentor. We had good feedback and it stirred my teaching juices. SO, I just sent in my first submission to teach a different class at a one day conference in Virginia. I’ll also be working on some other workshop ideas to present to a few other local conferences.
  • Along with working on my nonfiction book, I’ve kind of come up with a new idea for a fiction book. It’ll be humorous – something I haven’t really written before. I’m hoping to get it done in a year’s time and self-publish it as I did my other novels.
  • The editing part of my work continues to ebb and flow. I have made a few new contacts and even started working with some new clients. I LOVE my long-term clients and wouldn’t give them up for the world, but it’s always exciting to get new writers working with me, too. In the end, it’s all about me getting to read a bunch of new writers and books before anyone else does and that makes me feel special. PLUS, I can help writers to hone their work so writers will flock to buy their books. I want everyone to succeed!

As we traverse into another week, in another month, that much closer to the dreaded winter (ugh), I’m determined to keep moving forward just as the time and the calendar does. It might not be huge strides I’m making, but it’s at least baby steps.

God bless and Happy Monday!


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