Bad Poetry Day


Today is unofficially Bad Poetry Day and what better way to celebrate than for me to share some poetry. I am not a poet (and I know it), but I feel like this day is meant for me to just let it all hang out there! So here we go! (Maybe they aren’t so bad after all? You let me know!)


I breathe when you breathe
connecting two souls, now one
my heart beats with yours

Your eyes, smile, laugh, love
Makes my soul anxious for you
It sings with your kiss

Autumn claims my nose
Golden amber leaves falling
Their scent delights me


Sedoka Poems

Day Dawning

The gray sky persists,
And attacks my weary brain.
My mind pushes through the drab.

Sun peaks through the clouds,
And my soul begins to shine.
I can make it through this day.


The day has no end.
The clock is slowly ticking.
The pendulum has no swing.

Clock numbers taunt me.
Hours pass without a sound.
My mind is over the bend.


So what do you think? Not too bad, I guess. Do you have some really bad poetry to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments!


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