The Ugly Truth of a Work From Home Entrepreneur

Life and Happiness

Friday is finally here!

Except… I work from home and the weekends don’t always mean anything to me. They’re just another day to get work done. Bummer.

You see, as a work-from-home entrepreneur, I don’t have that five-days-a-week work habit built into my body’s internal systems like I used to. I can take any day of the week off without my boss’s reprimand (she’s pretty nice) and I can even take a few hours off anytime I want to simply bask in the sun, go shopping or read.

This work-from-home life sounds pretty awesome, right?

Let me tell you what else comes with this kind of job. Long hours, work on weekends, work when you’re sick and stress. The reason? This is my livelihood. If I don’t work, there is no paycheck. If I slack off and don’t write blog posts, market my business or engage in social media groups, my business could die off and I could be left without a job. And a lot of these social media groups are active in the evenings and on weekends because not everyone is as luck as I am and gets to work from home. A lot still work a 9-5 office job and connect via social media when they’re off the clock.

Yes, not having a “boss” other than myself can be pretty nice, but it also means I’m the boss. I’m the person who determines if this ship sails or sinks.

Just last week I worked a twelve-hour day (it’s not uncommon). Between some editing I had to finish for a client and some marketing I needed to set up in MailChimp, I worked from 8 am to 8 pm. Yes, I took a few breaks. I had lunch and dinner. But as my office started to get dark with the setting sun, I realized, “Oops. It’s well past the working hours of my day!” So I closed my laptop and took up the fight again the next day.

When I first started this business I had many people advise me that finding a work-life balance was the hardest part to owning your own business. They were right. I tried hard to set up “working hours”. My day might start before 8, but I typically don’t let it run past 5. I try never to work on the weekends, but it happens sometimes. If I take a day off during the normal work week, I’ll work some on the weekends. Sometimes it’s simply necessary to stay caught up.

My hubby likes to say he sees me “hustling.” And that’s what a lot of it is – hustling my butt to get more clients, finding new avenues to share my story, and seeking new ways to get my face out in front of the faces of others who could use my services.

When I started this venture in 2014 (yikes! 3 years ago!), I knew it would be hard work. I knew I’d have to set limits on myself and I knew I’d totally disregard them some days. But for the most part, this work from home gig is pretty good.

Tomorrow, I actually get to just enjoy my weekend. I’m going to a friend’s wedding and I can’t wait to dress up, eat good food and celebrate her new life. And Sunday, my hubby and I plan to really take a day of rest (a full day doesn’t happen often).

SO, to that, this week, I do say “YAY! FRIDAY!!”

Hope you have a great one!


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