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Tonight I’m moderating my DAR Book Club meeting. It seems like a long time since I’ve met with these women and I am excited about discussing our latest read, Lady Cop Makes Trouble by Amy Stewart. There is never an lack of opinion during these meetings but we always leave as friends looking forward to the next selection.

Because I am a writer and editor, I know a lot of people who talk about books on social media. They use hashtags like #tbr (which means “to be read”) and #bookshelfie which accompanies a picture of their bookshelves. (Some of these bookshelves are unbelievable masterpieces and I wish I could be a guest in their home for even one night simply to peruse the selections! If you get a chance, look up this hashtag and marvel at what you find.)(My #bookshelfie is a little less impressive.)

Don’t judge. Some of these are my husband’s.

I don’t really have a #tbr pile, although I do have some books on my Kindle I’m anxious to get to and I have one “real” book lying on my nightstand that is an upcoming book club read. I’ve been using my Goodreads app this year on my phone to track books I want to read and books I’ve read. I’d like to shoot for 50 books read by the end of the year – I’m up to 21 right now which seems to be on target. (If you’d like to follow/friend me on Goodreads, click here.) I’m always up for recommendations.

Along that vein, here are some books I’ve recently read and want to recommend to you!

  1. Lady Cop Makes Trouble by Amy Stewart. This is the second is a series for Stewart about the Kopp sisters. Based on true events, this books follows Constance Kopp as she becomes America’s first deputy sheriff. It’s full of fun detective work as well as woman empowerment-type goodness.
  2. Florence Nightingale: A Life Inspired by Lynn M. Hamilton. Although this is kind of a dry read, it, too, is filled with a lot of women empowerment-type encouragements. If you don’t know much about Nightingale (as I didn’t when I started reading it), you’ll want to check this one out. She affected much of how our hospitals run today.
  3. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee, Douglas K. Stuart. I’m still working my way through this one. I’ve found it to be a bit rudimentary for me at this stage in my Bible study career, but for those readers who think the Bible is too tough a book to tackle, this is a good way to start the process. These authors also have another book I’m using in my Bible study called, How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Guided Tour. This one breaks the books of the Bible down in chunks that you can utilize as sort of a commentary while reading the Bible. It’s helped me to understand the time period and what was going on during the time it was written.

What books have you read lately and would recommend to a friend? Perhaps I’ll have to add them to my #TBR pile or suggest them to my book club!


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