But Starting Is Hard

Life and Happiness

Starting something new is way too hard.

Well, okay…it is, but…it isn’t.

When I first decided to quit my office job and work from home, it was the hardest decision of my life. I stressed about it relentlessly (just ask my husband). I knew what lie ahead would be a long, arduous journey and I might fail. Now, almost three years later (where did that time go?), I can look back and see my progress, but back then taking that step of faith was a hard one. I was literally on the fence.

Recently, I’ve been reading this book “Roanoke (Keepers of the Ring 1)” and I realized as I read about the lives of these settlers that a lot of things in my own life are not really worth fretting about so much.

Think about this: The time period is 1587. Let that fact sink in first. There are no telephones, no communication systems other than letters, no steam engines, no electricity, and no construction equipment other than crud shovels and the like. Now imagine setting sail across a vast body of water that had only been traversed a small amount of times (compared to today’s standards) in a wooden vessel.

There was no entertainment on board. There were no live bands, no tequila shots, no pool on the deck or even chairs on the deck. The people had to live in quarters below deck for most of the trip – the venture sometimes taking over several months. No showers. No change of clothes.

IF they made it to land, (depending on how skilled their captain was and if whether or not he much preferred to be a pirate than a true captain) there was no way of knowing what they would find. Would earlier settlers still be there? Or would they have all been killed by the “savages”? If they had sailed off course and ended up somewhere unknown, there wouldn’t be shelters set up. The wilderness could be dense and thick with unfamiliar vegetation. How would they know what was safe to eat? What if they had spent too many months on the ship and supplies had dwindled? How would they make it without food? I’m not sure I would have been able to take this voyage. I’m not sure I’m of strong enough stock.

As I traverse this still new work-from-home landscape, I’m searching out different ways that I can increase my brand while seeking out God’s purpose for my life. And sometimes I feel pretty alone in these endeavors and it feels like I’m starting from scratch. However, unlike the first settlers to the New World (Let’s not get into the Native American argument. I know they were here first. But stay with me.), there have been a plethora of writers, editors and work-from-home entrepreneurs who have cut back the thorns and weeds of the landscape in order that I might see a clear path before me. I’m grateful for these forerunners that help me to make my way in this wilderness.

Setting out on a new path for us today can often seem as scary as settling uncharted territory, but if we work together, we can each make progress on our goals.

It is for this reason that I want to help authors pursue their dreams of publishing a book. It is this that pushes me forward in what I do – so that others do not have to start from the bottom up, but can learn from my knowledge, and from the knowledge that was given to me by others.

If you’d like more information about how I can help you move forward in your endeavors, I’d love to chat with you. I offer editing and formatting services as well as writing, marketing and publishing consulting/coaching. Contact me today to learn more.


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