Well, this is new…

Life and Happiness

I wrote in my last post that I was searching for new ways to increase my brand. I had written that post ahead of time (like I do with most posts). On Friday, September 1st I went about my day until about halfway into the morning I realized, “I didn’t see any post notifications for the blog.” Turns out, I had forgotten to write a post for that day!

Keep in mind I’ve been writing and posting at least twice a week (started off as three times) for over five years. I’ve rarely missed a posting day. But I did. And do you know what I realized?

It was okay. No one really cared. It didn’t affect my business or my brand and, frankly, I felt a little relieved.

As I contemplated this issue a bit further, I realized that while I still like to write blogs, the process has dulled a bit for me. I find myself struggling to find things to write about and wondering if any of it is making an impact at all.

So, I thought, what if I stopped writing my blog posts?

Yes, I know, it may be disheartening for some, but most of you simply won’t care. It’s not harsh and I’m not hurt at all. It might simply be a time for me to explore other things.

So. Here is what I’ve decided. I still might post some things on this blog, but mostly, if I have something to say, I’ll send it out to my newsletter followers. (Haven’t signed up for my newsletter? Click here.) The people who have chosen to follow me via my newsletter, I surmise, are the folks who truly want to keep up with what I’m doing. Usually, I just send things about new books, but those are kind of few at this point (although I’m working on another one…two actually). What I intend to do with the newsletter from here on out is use it for book release news, book updates, editing news and tips, as well as, sometimes, a quick devotion.

In short, like this blog, but less.

If you’d like to truly keep up with what I’m doing, or to support me and my business you can do the following: (Pick as many as fits your life.)

  1. Sign up for my newsletter. My newsletter will come less frequently than this blog has been – only when I send it out. (FYI, you’ll receive a few when you first sign up over the course of a few weeks as an introduction to me.) Click here to sign up.
  2. Follow me on social media. I have a Facebook page here. Instagram here. Twitter account here (I’m really lax on Twitter….). And you can follow me on Amazon here (I NEVER post anything there, but you’ll be advised when I publish new books.)
  3. Buy my books (click here). I have two fiction books and one journal currently available. I hope to have another (a short non-fiction) out by the end of this year.
  4. Send me money via PayPal. Ha. Kidding. But if you’re so inclined….

I hope to see many of you sign up for these in the next few days. I covet your prayers as well as I branch out and try this new avenue.

God bless.



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