How Consistent Am I?

Life and Happiness

Consistency. That’s my word for this year, remember? I’ve been doing okay so far. Some things have been very consistent, like writing my newsletters. I have those scheduled, about 2-3 month, up through April. I rationalize that when I get busy with editing work, I won’t have to worry about those. That’s good.

My Bible study. Not as consistent, but I even if I don’t read the Word every day, I pray, or listen to a Christian podcast or read one of my friend’s blogs that focus on God. He’s always there even if I’m not sitting down with a physical Bible. And I’ve been attending a weekly women’s Bible study.

My relationships. Not too bad. Bad winter weather has prevented me from meeting up with some friends but I still try to keep in touch with them. I’m trying to be encouraging to them and hoping to cultivate solid, lasting friendships. My relationship with my husband has been good. He is very busy and stressed about work and his doctorate studies, but when we can sit down and vent to one another, we often feel stronger together. We’re in it together.

My writing. Really good. I started revising a manuscript I started last year. I have a good direction for it to go and I think I can make it happen if I’m CONSISTENT. (I’ll be going to add some more words right after I finish this post!)

My business. Not as consistent right now. Work has been sporadic since December. People often take a break from writing during the holidays and it’s always a bit of a lull in my business. Still, I’m trying to be consistent in my faith that work will come. I’m trying to be consistent in my promotion of my business so that people will remember I’m here. And I’m utilizing the time to take some courses that will increase my knowledge and enhance my work.

How about you? What is your word for the year and how are you doing at following the goals you’ve set for yourself? I’d love to hear about them.

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Hope you’re having a good week. God bless!



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