For me, being an editor means polishing the words of my client.

I don’t change voices – I make them louder.

Changing what an author intends is never my intention. Because I am an author too, I strive to connect to my clients in a way that creates a relationship. If I know my author in a personal way, I can get into their head and understand what they hope to convey with their words. When author and editor are simpatico, the words flow from the page in a pleasing way, helping the reader to delve into and connect with the story.

I typically work in a two-step process with the first edit encompassing mostly a substantive edit and the second edit fine-tuning and catching punctuation and spelling errors (line edits).

My specialties include:

  • Substantive editing – almost any genre (no erotica)
  • Christian non-fiction editing
  • Coaching about editing basics

Manuscript Services

Substantive Content Editing
With substantive edits, flow, consistency, pace and readability are considered. I identify structural/organizational problems and clarify and correlate parts of the manuscript to correct them. Substantive edits do not include researching or writing original material.

Line Editing/Copy Editing
Thorough line-by-line edit including punctuation, grammar, sentence, verb tense and plot structure errors. This is done with track editing and comments. This is a once and done edit, but questions are accepted from the author for clarification if needed.

Additional Services

Query Letter or One Sheet Critique
Your query letter or one sheet is the most important element in your proposal package. This letter is the first piece of writing an agent or publisher will see from you and it must be concise, compelling and grammatically correct.

I can provide a sample one sheet for you to follow and then will read your letter and provide suggestions for improvement.

IMPORTANT: Each agency’s requirements can differ so my one sheet example and critique will be a “basic” example. If you have an agent’s specific requirements, provide them to me prior to critique/edit. 

Author blurbs and book descriptions
Not quite sure how best to sell yourself or your work? Let me help. I’ve created descriptions that sell for everything from non-fiction to memoir. You just provide the details or book and I’ll give you the blurb that sells.

Public Speaking
Do you have a writers’ conference, empowerment function or special event coming up that needs a dynamic, truthful and/or helpful speaker? Let me help.

Workshops offered:

  • Devotion Writing for Beginners
  • Edit Your Book for Less
  • How To Be A Pantser and Write Your Novel

Check out the Clients page for a list of my satisfied clients. Then complete the contact form below to start editing today.


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