I started my journey with writing about five years ago (although I’ve written in journals since high school.) A friend told me I was a good storyteller and encouraged me to write a devotion for a Christian magazine. I joined her writer’s critique group, wrote the devotion, the group edited it, I submitted it, it got published. I was hooked. (Read Sue’s devotional “God’s Calm Presence“.)

I began writing devotion after devotion and had several published (about fifteen in total now).

Then I decided to aim higher and push myself further. I started submitting stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul. It took a few years, but, finally, I had “The Set-Up” published in “The Dating Game” collection.

A few years later they published another one of my stories, “A Second Too Long” about my beloved dog Max in their “My Very Good, Very Bad Dog” compilation. (They do dog and cat books pretty frequently, by the way. If you’re good at short stories, give it a shot!)

In between these books, I’d written a magazine article for Susquehanna Life magazine, several more devotions, as well as Christmas stories for a local newspaper and numerous other tales that have yet to be published.

Then, I decided I wanted to write a fiction book. Most of my writing up to this point was non-fiction, personal experience-type stuff.

I set my sights and, in 2016, I published What You Think You Know, a young adult fiction.

Not long after that I also self-published Summer’s Refrain, which is a women’s contemporary story with a slight bit of the paranormal. It’s been called a mix “a modern mixture of Scrooge and It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Now, I’m working on another fiction novel as well as a non-fiction Bible study. When you’re a writer, the words simply come and you write. I know that God has set me in this place in order to share my words (and usually His) with the world. It is what I do. I cannot not do it.

And because I had so many people help me along the way, I want to help others. That’s why I offer coaching for the new writer. If you’re unsure how to begin, undecided about what to write or simply have trouble with story structure, contact me today to help you get started.

For me, it’s about writers helping writers. Let’s get started.


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