Mini Post Monday

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Good Monday morning all! (No, I’m not usually so cheerful in the morning so don’t hate me.)

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook (and if you’re not… why not?) you know that I recently finished my young adult novel and it is currently up for pre-order (ebook only) on Amazon! I got the proof copy, too, from CreateSpace last week (oh, it felt so good to hold the actual product in my hands! Sweet, sweet accomplishment!). I made a few minor changes to the paperback (mostly to the cover – which I designed myself!) The Kindle version AND paperback will be available December 16th. I hope you all check it out and leave me wonderful reviews. I would be blessed if you did.

I also worked with two other bloggers to do guest blogging last week. If you missed it, check them out here and here. In addition, I’ve connected with a few other authors through American Christian Fiction Writers and a Facebook group of authors online. It all adds up to increasing my tribe. Plus, I love meeting and chatting with like-minded folks. You never know who you might meet and it gives me new stuff to read as well!

I also became a Gold Member (no Austin Power jokes, please) on the Christian Pen Network – check that out here.

AND I started a sequel to my YA. I didn’t think there was going to be a sequel – it seemed one and done to me, but sometimes God has other plan. I’m not doing NANO (National Novel Writing Month) (shout out to my friends who are, but they probably aren’t taking time to read this!) but I’ve started it and hope it’ll be out by next year sometime. (HA! That’s funny. This first book took almost two years so my goal settings need some work, but I can hope!) The second book follows Beth, the secondary character in my first novel, and is ten years in the future. We’ll see Beth struggle with loss and how to find a way to a happy future. She may even find love! (PS – I think it’s going to be a romance! Something I thought I’d NEVER write, but…well, like I said, God is funny sometimes.)

So that’s all the good news. Now, the bad…or not so good, I guess.

My husband is facing a lot of stress at work as well as trying to obtain his doctorate online. This means a lot of late nights studying and work meetings that go past his normal departure time. We haven’t seen a lot of each other and we’ve both been stressed. We do our best to find time for one another and to utilize every minute we do have to our best advantage, but it’s not always easy. I work from home and often don’t speak to a lot of people during the day (other than email) so I long to chat with my best friend when he gets home, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. It can be frustrating, but we’re relying on God to get us through this trying time. It’s not life or death, but it’s our marriage so it is important. Your prayers are appreciated.

I pray each and every one of you has accomplishments you can share with your friends this week, too and I pray for the things in your life that aren’t going so well, either. God bless and have a great week!

PS – This week is Thanksgiving so find something – even one thing – to be thankful for this week and enjoy your families!




Mini Post Monday!

Life and Happiness

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone survived Mardi Gras this past weekend. I didn’t do a single thing to celebrate so…back to the grind!

Check out my new story!

I’ve been published again in Chicken Soup for the Soul! This time its in their annual dog compilation with a funny story about my pup Max. The book comes out Feb. 9th and you can get it at all the usual spots including here on Amazon. I’m so thrilled to be part of the Chicken Soup family. This is my second story published with them and I just sent in another one for consideration. If you think you have a good story suitable for their publications, check out their page for all the details of how you can submit. They have a plethora of great titles as well as dog and people food that they now sell!


What I’m Reading

I recently finished “Fear Mountain” by Mike Dellosso. Scary with a big dose of Christianity – I recommend it (as I do with most of Mike’s books.) Now I’m back to reading the E Series books by Kate Wrath. If you haven’t checked these out yet – DO IT. I rarely invest my money or time into a book series, but this one is SO worth it. I’ve only had to take a small break from it because the next in the series hasn’t come out yet! Now I know what all you Harry Potter people were talking about back in the day. The series starts in kind of an Old West sort of setting, but futuristic. (And, by the way, as a writer of book descriptions I typically think the descriptions most people use either 1) give too much away or 2) have nothing to do with the book. Not so with this series. The book descriptions are SPOT ON so if you like those – you’ll like the books.)

When I’m done with this series (I will weep and gnash my teeth I’m sure) it’ll be hard to move on to something else. I’m not even sure what I might read next. Not many on my Kindle will hold a candle to the E Series for sure. I may delve into some classics. What are you reading?

Writing Conferences

If you read my post last Monday you know I’m promoting the St. Davids Christian Writers Conference in Grove City, PA. I’m on the board there and it’s been such a blessing to me that I have to share it with all of you. If you live even remotely close and want to go to a conference, I HIGHLY suggest St. Davids. You will be blessed.

In addition, I’m looking at going to some other conferences this year and expanding my network and my knowledge about writing and editing. I’m thinking of going to the Lancaster Christian Writers Super Saturday event. They haven’t posted their dates and schedule yet though so… maybe not! (PS – Get on the ball folks! Your conference is in April!) (PPS – If you DO like Mike’s book I mentioned above, he will be at this one-day conference in Lancaster!)

On A Sadder Note

Last week my dad was informed that he would be a good candidate for open heart surgery. He had a small heart attack at the beginning of January and now they found two blockages in an artery intersection on the top of his heart. Because it’s in an intersection of arteries, they suggest a bypass instead of a stent or balloon procedure. He was given the option to have the surgery and he decided to do it. We’re hopeful about the surgery because Dad is in good health otherwise and the doctors feel that he’ll do well. Open heart surgery is still very serious though so I appreciate all prayers you would send our way. He’ll be in the hospital for about a week and will need a few months to completely recover. However, once the recovery is over he should feel better and may even be able to stop some medications he’s been on for his heart condition. If you pray – please do so. Thank you.

Hope each of you has a blessed and exciting week. Be sure to chime in below with what you’re reading and how your week is going. I love to stay in touch with you all and your comments give me life! God bless!