Simple Snippets – Connecting to My Theme

Life and Happiness

I’ve been trying hard to create and maintain my “brand” or my “platform”, which are all silly words to just say that I need to have something that I stand for or that says “SUE”. Every good webinar tells you that it’s a MUST when you’re a blogger. I don’t think I’ve truly done it (maybe some followers can tell me otherwise), but I’ve built up a decent following none-the-less. I often look at other bloggers and think “How did they get so many followers so quickly!” Mine has been a steady rise, but I’ve stagnated a lot recently.

My blog has pretty much just been a random sampling of my daily life, my religion, and the things that I find interesting. It’s a “simple snippet” based blog on my life in general. Sometimes it isn’t that interesting and, sometimes, I think it is. I have a few followers to prove that point, but not as many as I’d like. I’ve tried commenting on other bloggers posts, following a bunch more bloggers (you follow me – I’ll follow you mentality… which doesn’t work FYI), and tried a bunch of other ideas I’ve seen on a multitude of webinars on the subject.

I figured out that I wasn’t really connecting my “Simple Snippet” idea on all my other social media. I often post about a variety of things – from my pooch to my hubby and all the craziness in between on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but it’s just that – a variety. I even throw food in there sometimes. So I was brainstorming about how I could connect my blog to my social media better.

Recently I started doing a fun thing on my Twitter page: I periodically give out “Sue’s Simple Snippets” about that day in history. For instance, this was one of my Tweets on Wednesday: Sue’s Simple Snippet: Today in history (1826) The Eggnog Riot #weirdbuttrue #oddfacts TWEET THIS!

It’s a cute way to add some fun to my Twitter posts as well as to connect back to my overall theme of my blog (Simple Snippets of life). Plus, I’m learning history! LOL It’s gimmicky, but I like it and perhaps it’ll interest a few new followers.

(I think I should probably start narrowing it down to be more specific historical facts that pertain better to who I am and what I stand for though… perhaps more Christian centered facts or facts about editing and writing.)

For now, I’m trying hard to find myself and build my “brand.”

What about you? Do you know who you are and what you’re attempting to put into the universe? Tell me how you’ve built your brand and what tips you can offer in the comments below.

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Check This Out! (Let’s try again!)


Hey readers – I am guest blogging on the St. David’s Christian Writer’s Association’s blog today. Check it out here:

Their blog is primarily being written by the members of the Association, which gathers for a writing conference every year in June. The members come from all parts of this great nation and range from “new writer” to “well published.” You can check it out here. The conference is an uplifting, engaging and educational experience. You will meet friends for life and gain a wealth of writing knowledge. If you are looking for a writer’s conference – I urge you to check this one out.

But for just today – check out my blog on their site!

Nano No No


So it’s pretty plain that I like to write. I’m a writer. But I don’t like to call myself that. I distance myself from the title not because I’m humble – far from it. I shy away from the title because I haven’t written a novel.

As many writers know, November is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month where aspiring writers from all over try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. It encourages folks to just write and get your words on paper. Write with abandon, don’t edit (that’s for December and beyond!) The words don’t really matter – the word count does – but, in the end, you might have a novel in the making. Something to SELL.

Here’s the problem: I get a great idea, get about 10,000-12,000 words in and I poop out. My idea doesn’t pan out, my thought process gets skewed, my life takes over and I can’t write, or I just get… bored with my topic.

When I went to our writers conference this past Saturday and everyone was talking about their novel, what they have in the works, how to start off your novel, what they might write for NaNo (as it’s commonly referred to) all I could think was: I got nothing.

So I started to freak out and I started to try to conjure up ideas about what I could write about and how I could get my novel going. I brainstormed ideas with my husband and sat in rapt attention during each workshop about how to write fiction trying to glean every morsel of what the process was like and how to get started.

But here’s the thing: I didn’t even have an IDEA. No clue what to write about. Nothing. Nada.


Not a good way to start a novel.

As I was lamenting how this must mean I’m not a real writer, because I don’t have that “burning urge to just get it out on paper”, as one writer put it, I started reading a novel by our featured guest speaker: Jeff Gerke (The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction). One of the very first pages of his book says basically this (in my own words): WHY do you write? If it’s for anything other than to please God and seek His will for your life, then you’re not doing it for the right reasons.

Huh. So I don’t HAVE to write a novel to be a writer? Maybe God wants me to… write BLOGS instead? Or smaller stories? What a concept.

Today, I am a writer. I wrote this blog. It’s not 50,000 words, but I wrote it all.

And that’s a start.

Another Blog I Like


As I have been obtaining new followers for my blog I’ve come across a few I really like to follow myself.

This one: is a really interesting blog.

Go to her “About” page and read up about what she hopes to accomplish – I think it is a noble and novel idea. We all have bucket lists, we all have hopes, dreams, aspirations… why not help one another? Wouldn’t it make life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling to not be in this thing alone, but to have someone reach out and CARE?

The more interesting part for me at this point is that she picks strangers to answer two questions:
1). What is the number one item you want to cross off your bucket list?
2). What is the best thing you believe you have accomplished in life so far?

She got this idea from another blog ( and is moving it forward in her own way. I love it. What if we all took this idea and ran with it? Reached out to each other, cared for one another, created a little of our own happiness along the way???

Wow. Game changer.

My new blog!


Hi and welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited for you all to check it out and tell your friends. I’m working towards a new goal of blogging more often and with specific goals in mind.

Keep checking back to my site, or follow me by email or on Facebook, to keep up to date with all the latest. I’ll be reposting some of my favorite other blogs here too so my readers can check out other writers with similar intentions.

For those of you that don’t know, I will have a story about how I met my husband in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game book, which comes out in December.

Thanks for reading! More soon!