The Courage Wall #welivebig

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Have you seen this >>>



It’s called the #welivebig campaign and this is the courage wall. This is a chalkboard that encourages people to write down what they wish they had the courage to do. I found it first on a friend’s Facebook page when it was at the Ballston Farmer’s Market. The campaign also has a FB page here.

This is their mission statement:

“Live Big” embraces the idea that we are the authors of our own life story and as such, have the power to live vibrant, impactful and joyful lives filled with passion and meaning.¬†We Live Big is a movement to raise awareness about living life on purpose. It’s about courage and vibrancy. It’s about finding your passion and creating a meaningful life. We encourage people to uncover their authentic selves, continue to grow and make contributions to the world.

I love this idea. How freeing would it be to just LIVE BIG.

Recently, I made a note of a Bible verse in my journal to look up later. Then while I was writing this post I came across this image:

ephesians 3_20


This is the verse I had written down! It was a reminder to myself that I should think and live BIG. God is working within me to do great works! Let’s start living like it.

For inspiration – here are some things I’ve seen written on the courage¬†wall:

I wish I had the courage to:

  • quit my job
  • make art full time
  • trust my instincts
  • let things go
  • start a blog
  • be proud of myself every day
  • be comfortable in my own skin
  • be more sociable
  • be more assertive
  • forgive myself
  • always speak my truth
  • not worry about stupid stuff

These are just a very small sampling of the things people wished they had the courage to do. They seem small really, but they are huge to the people who wrote them.

What about you? What do you wish you had the courage to do today? Perhaps make yourself a courage wall – use a dry erase board or a chalkboard and place it where you can see it everyday. Then start writing down your hopes and dreams. Knock one off a week! You can do it!





Where’s the Heroine in my story?

Life and Happiness

This past Saturday I attended the West Branch Christian Writers One Day Conference. ( Our keynote speaker was Jeff Gerke, founder of Marcher Lord Press ( His speech spoke about hero’s and how each story needs to have one. He talked about the “knot” or the thing that keeps us all from moving forward with change in our lives. Things that hold us back: unworthiness, unhappiness, fear of the unknown, change, a different land, a different way of life… whatever it may be. When we (or our characters) can make a decision, a choice, to move away from that knot, then we can move towards the things that make us happier. More fulfilled.

Think about every movie you’ve ever seen. They all have heros and heroines. There is always someone we’re pulling for in the end, to make that change, step out in their faith and just DO IT. Save the day, save their life, save someone else’s life. (Forrest Gump – overcame his disabilities to do SO many things, Frodo – walks away from his quiet, simple, comfortable life in the shire to save the world…)

Then during Jeff’s class we talked more about heros. What makes a hero? They have to be sympathetic, compassionate, lovable or… well, heroic in some way. The reader doesn’t want some guy who isn’t likable to be the hero. The reader wants a “man of distinguished courage or ability” (as defined by not some guy who’s in it for himself.

John checkbook

One hero in my life – balancing the checkbook!

During the awards ceremony I had the privilege to award a wonderful writer with a first place award for her blog entry. It was about her hero, her husband, losing his “cape” and not being able, physically, to be her hero anymore. She had to step in and be his heroine instead. That’s a true hero: stepping up when times get rough to fill in for someone who can no longer do it. Wow. Her story has two heros.

So I started to think: where is the heroine in my story? Do I encompass all these things it takes to define a hero? Some days. Not always. Does a hero have “off” days?

I’ve learned so much from this conference, and not just about writing. I’m moving forward, hopefully away from my knot, to find my hero or to find my inner heroine, and to be of “distinguished courage and ability” in all that I do.

Where is your hero today? What can you do to get rid of your knot and to be of “distinguished courage and ability” in your own life?