Mini Post Monday

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Last week was a flurry of editing work. I had gotten behind a bit with my writing conference trip, my mom’s surgery and a variety of other small items I had to accomplish. But I was able to get two major projects done (and paid for!) so I was able to take a bit of last Thursday and some of Friday off to do some other things. I thought I’d share some of these things with you as a little bit of a “get to know me” kind of post. So here they are:

  1. When I have time, I love to do ancestry and cemetery research. Our small town is celebrating their sesquicentennial next month and a historical society has recently been formed here. My family is generally not from this town, but my husband’s is so I’ve been doing a bit of research and providing info to the society. My church has been here (in the town) for almost 150 years too so I found a bit of info in their filing cabinets. I’m trying to organize it when I have some down time and provide that info to the society as well (while keeping copies for the church).
  2. I’ve been trying to also fit in outside time into my daily life. We’ve had a lot of sun and hot temps here the last few weeks. Although it’s stifling humidity some days, I get out early in the morning either for walks or to simply sit on my porch, soaking in some sun. As most of you know, I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, so when winter hits, my mood will shift dramatically. I’m working hard to soak up that Vitamin D before it goes away come October/November. Plus, I LOVE the heat. People think I’m nuts, but I sit out on my front porch, which gets the late day direct sun, for hours. Most people wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of intense heat, but I’m all for it. The best part is when the sun starts to go down and the sky turns all these gorgeous colors and a little bit of breeze wafts by. Ahhhh….

    wish this was my front porch, but…oh, well.

  3. And I’m also trying to spend more time with friends. My long-time gf and I went to see Rick Springfield and Pat Benatar in concert Saturday night (I know, RIGHT?) and my hubs and I often go hang out at another friend’s house around their backyard fire pit. It’s amazing what a lawn chair, a nice fire, some wine and good conversation can do to relax the soul. Plus, my hubs and I have tried to get out on the water (our local river) a few times in the kayaks. What a wonderful, lazy time that is. Love it!

Anyway, now another week begins and I still have a bit of editing work to accomplish. We have a few nice mini trips coming up soon, so stay tuned for scoop (and pics) on all of those.

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Mini Post Monday

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Happy Monday everyone! I’m just back from an exciting writer’s conference and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! June has been a busy month, but I’ve survived so far. Only a few more days and it’ll be July. Before you know it the summer will be over and I’ll be complaining about the cold temps in PA.

As I traversed the month of June, I realized I simply had booked too much on my plate. We all do it, don’t we? I couldn’t help that certain events, like my parent’s anniversary and my writing conference both fell in June. But I also forced myself to get several home projects done in this month, too – things that could have been put off for another time, another month.

All too often I realize that I try to do everything a once. I kept telling myself, “Well, July will be so boring since I’m doing it all in June.” But it never actually ends up that way, does it?

Looking back on June now, I’m thankful God helped me through the stress and the plethora of activities, but I know I could have been a better manager of my time by not dumping so much on my plate in the first place. Most of what I tried to accomplish was because of my own selfish desires. A lot of the things I had to do was because I’d committed to too many things in the first place. Not once did I schedule down time. Most mornings it was a struggle to simply open my Bible and have time with the Lord. Simply because I felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day.

Yet, we always find time to do the things we want to do, don’t we? I forced my husband to work on one of the hottest Sundays so far this year just because I wanted some landscaping done. The yard was torn up and I didn’t like how it looked so I coerced him into getting it done despite the heat and despite the fact that we both probably could have used a day of rest instead.

It’s so easy to fill our time with useless things. We often don’t see them as useless, but they really are. If that landscaping hadn’t gotten done it would have been fine. The work would have waited. If I didn’t do everything “perfectly” for my parent’s anniversary, they never would have known.

But if I’d spent just a few more minutes with God each morning, it may have made a difference in my life. Perhaps I wouldn’t be obsessed with the material world or wouldn’t have stressed so much that things weren’t getting done. Maybe I would have even slept better had I relied a bit more on God and His peace in my life.

So, once again, I’ll start fresh today. Maybe July really won’t be that hectic. Maybe, for once, I’ll truly seek to relax instead of run.

How about you? What’s on your schedule this week? Did you pencil in rest and time with God? I know I will be.

God bless and happy Monday!


Mini Post Monday – newsletters and book reviews

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Here it is Monday again. And April. And almost Easter time. Where did March go? Can anyone tell me?

The next several months are going to be a whirlwind of activity for me, so my blogs might be shorter than usual. Note that I strive to still get my blog out twice a week, even when I’m grieving, sick or have really nothing to say. My readers – you lovely, beautiful people – have been so encouraging through almost every keynote in my life that I just keep writing. You all inspire me to do so.

One item I want to get out right off the bat is this: If you haven’t already signed up to get my newsletter, you should do so. I’ve been super slack about getting one out – but that’s good news for you because it means I don’t clog up your inbox with mundane stuff. If you’re already on my list, you received a FREE copy of my latest novella, Summer’s Refrain a few weeks ago. If you’re not on my list…you missed out! Now don’t you want to sign up?? It’s easy to do so – just click here, fill out the info and you’re set. I promise (hand over heart) to never sell your email or utilize it for ill will.

If you ARE on my list and DID receive your free copy of Summer’s Refrain, can you PLEASE go here and leave me a review? The more reviews I receive, the better my book does and I would be ever so grateful. Here is what a few people are already saying about it:

Finally, because I am a good reader/reviewer, I want to suggest two books to you that I’ve recently read for my DAR book club. America’s First Daughter is written from the perspective of Patsy Jefferson – Thomas Jefferson’s daughter. It’s historical fiction (which means some liberties have been taken) and it’s a fascinating and compelling book to read. In this retelling of Thomas J’s life, we see that although he was a Founding Father, he still was a man, a husband and a father and dealt with a lot of emotions that come with being those things. I really think you’ll love it.

We just finished The Widow’s War by Sally Gunning. Wow. What an eye opening book! This one is set in Colonial Cape Cod and centers around Lyddie Berry after the death of her beloved whaler husband, Edward. Lyddie soon learns what it’s like to be a widow in this colonial period – I’ll give you a hint, there aren’t many “perks” for a widowed woman. But Widow Berry fights back against the religious and societal norms of her day. What she is able to accomplish will astound you and you’ll be cheering her on by the end. Our book club members said they felt empowered because of her story.

I hope you check out both and don’t forget to leave reviews for books you read! Authors spend a lot of time and money to put out quality books that you can read and enjoy – all you need to do is pay it forward by leaving a quick review. Authors will love you for it!

Happy Monday and God bless!

Mini Post Monday

Life and Happiness

Goodness! It’s Monday again already? Where is the time going? And it’s the end of September. I am NOT ready for winter, how about you?

Here are some things I’ve been working on:

My book cover!

I’m so excited that my YA book is coming together. I’ve had good feedback from some beta readers, plus I worked on the cover myself (design degree, remember) and I think it looks awesome! I wish I could share it with you, but I’m not ready yet. My friend, Tonya (check out her photography) helped with some of the graphics and I couldn’t be happier. It’s great to know talented people. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted when it finally gets released for consumption!

My new book

Now that my YA is “finished,” I’ve gone back to working on the Bible study/devotion book I’m working on. I think God has big plans for this one (or at least, I hope so). I plan on going through the whole process of proposal and finding an actual, real-life publisher for this book. (The YA will be self-published by the end of this year.) It’s a scary prospect (especially since I don’t have nearly enough written yet), but I’m looking forward to enjoying the process. I think, as writers and editors, we need to know the way things work. It’s why I wrote a fiction book, it’s why I try to edit all different genres and why I want to work through the publication process – both self-published and traditional published – so I can speak intelligently to others about it. My next goal, once this book is published, will be to get out there and speak to others about all I’ve learned!

Gearing up for winter

As some of you know, I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the winter. Last year was difficult so I’m looking for ways to prevent the “winter blues.” I’ve invested in a diffuser and some essential oils to get started. Citrus scents work best for mood enhancers. (Bonus: it might help with sinus issues, too, in the dry months.) It has a light that might help in the dreariest of days as well. In addition, I’ve ramped up my exercise schedule and want to keep that going through the winter months. Exercise is a good way to get blood flowing and to break up the monotony of the days. It also increases endorphines which can help with your mood. Your prayers are coveted as winter starts to sink in. I’ll pray for you as well if you let me know.

Getting involved

I recently accepted the position of chapter librarian for my DAR group. Basically, when one of our members dies, I seek out a book they may have liked, purchase it and donate it to a local library as a memorial. In addition, I’ve been asked to form a book club within the chapter. We’ll read historical fiction mostly. I’m not sure I want to take this on – how much time will it entail? – but I do want to meet more people and reading is always fun. Plus, I’m hoping it help to get out of the house during the winter months.

I’m trying to get more involved in my DAR chapter as I can. I make all the meetings and went to the Fall Meeting in Harrisburg (a larger meeting for all PA chapters) this past Saturday. It helps to meet people and immerse yourself in the culture of it all. I’ve met some great new friends along the way.

The odds and ends

I’m helping my husband (both editorially and emotionally) get through his doctorate studies.

I’ve “put up” some tomatoes and we’ll be doing grape jelly soon plus jalapenos. (Separately, obviously.)

I’ve started Christmas shopping.

I’m working on scanning family photos for us to have digital copies. It’s a large undertaking, but it needs to be done.


How about you? What’s your Monday look like?



Mini Post Monday!!

Life and Happiness

Have you yet figured out that I do these Mini Post Mondays when I have nothing to blog about? Oops. I’ve left you in on the secret. But I have so many little snippets going on in my head at any given time that it actually helps me to write these little bits down. They’re never long enough by themselves for a full blog post, but together they make one.

I’m listening to the coffeehouse’s music – Christian – and feeling more uplifted than I’ve been in about a week. “Hold on just a little bit longer…” Okay, Mandisa, I’m trying. In addition, the coffeehouse has a nice fire so my back is a bit warmer than it was in my own home. I hate winter. Have I mentioned that before? I’m always cold. I think I could crawl right into this fire and still not be warm. The worst part about being here? I left my house in the hopes of finding inspiration here with friends… and there are none here. The place is practically deserted. Usually on Tuesdays (when I’m writing this) some of my writing friends have come to the coffeehouse to write, chat and have a cup of coffee or tea. Sometimes a cookie. Not today. Bummer. So I might just pack up and head back to my cold house where I can be truly alone.

I’ve strayed away from my Bible devotions lately. It’s probably the reason for the onset of my depression. I haven’t been seeking out hope and love from the Lord. Why do I stray if it means so much to me? Time mostly. Fear too. Did you ever have one of those friends that gives it to you straight when you’d rather they just listen? God is like that. Sometimes I just don’t talk to him because I don’t want to hear it.

But isolation isn’t good for me overall. I’m an introvert, but I need people too. People give me different perspectives other than my own. I grow when I chat with others. When I’m in my own head…it gets scary. But people are so busy anymore. No one has time for me. They just need to get their own stuff done. What can I do? Get used to it.

Now I must really try and work on my novel. I’ve been slacking on that too. Doubt and fear that it’s not good has stopped me from continuing it. I force myself twice a week to add words and I pray that it’ll lead somewhere eventually. I have no delusions – it’s no best seller. But I hope to still finish it, polish it and publish it anyway. To accomplish this one thing. Do you see how I keep making this longer so I don’t have to go back to it?

Okay, you caught me, off I go to write…something about my characters. Wish me luck and thanks for reading my rambling thoughts. Have a great week!

Mini Post Monday!

Life and Happiness

Get Chatting

I just spent an hour with my older neighbor. It’s funny how her and I have so much in common when we are so separate in age. As I look at the presidential nominees in this country and hear so many stories about this person and that person don’t get along I think, “Have they ever just sat down and chatted?”

My neighbor and I chatted about family, health issues and just life in general. Not surprisingly we both had family members with heart disease, both had struggles with weight, both had family that we didn’t speak to anymore and even talked about children (which I don’t have). It wasn’t about politics or religion or anything really “deep” – we just chatted. I got to know her better and we connected with the similarities in our life. I know we don’t see eye to eye on some things, but we avoided those and had a nice, simple chat.

When is the last time you sat with someone, someone you didn’t know all that well, and had just a simple chat? It can be super enlightening. And Jesus told his disciples to do just that – go and have conversations. Now he was much more specific, of course, but couldn’t we all do better if the conversations we started were more than the discourses (often full of hateful speech) we had online?

I often get angry at some people, even friends, when I’m conversing by email. I don’t think it’s because we don’t see eye to eye – it’s that we don’t hear ear to ear. Emails cannot convey emotion; they don’t show body language (despite those little emojis) and they can’t possibly define how we actually FEEL.

So this week I encourage you to strike up a conversation with someone. Just let the chat flow and see how much you really have in common.

My Devotion Time

I’ve been steadily reading through my Bible every day (another resolution for this year) and last week I finished 2 Kings. I read a chapter, study the notes in the Bible and then read the commentary I’m using. This helps me to get background, perspective and try to apply it to my life today. It’s been working well for me. I’ve actually begun to understand parts of the Old Testament now (I know, I’m shocked too!), but 1 & 2 Kings was rough. Just as one king would do good, his son would do evil. I routed for each good king and felt so disappointed when the next would fail. It’s a real roller coaster of a read (something I never thought I’d say!). But I have to say this, it’s where we are in this world today still. We’ve had back and forth in this country too. I’m not sure I can say the past presidents have done “evil” (although some come close), but they certainly aren’t following God’s teachings as they should. When will we see that the only way is with God? Will we suffer for centuries like the Israelites? I think so – we already are.

What I’m Writing

Not much. I made a conscious decision this year to make Tuesdays and Thursdays my “writing” days. I’m working on a young adult fiction book that I’ve struggled with for the last year. I committed to write at least 500 words twice a week. I’ve done well for the most part, but it’s fallen off some. I don’t outline – I’m what they call a “pantser” –  so I’m a little stuck as to where the story is going. I know where I want to go, I’m just not sure how. Adding to the writer’s block is that it’s loosely based on my childhood and one of my friendships. The hard part now is that I’m diverting away from my memories and adding in actual fiction (Imagine that! In a fictional book no less!) so it’s hard for me to keep going. This is really the first full-length fiction I’ve tried to write so these are the hurdles I’m trying to overcome. I feel like this story is in me and it needs out, BUT there is the constant writer struggle that says, “Why?” and “Who would read this?”

Your encouragement will help – if you want to read it that is. I hope to have it done by the end of the year – if I stick with my 1000 words a week it’s a possibility. But here I am writing this on a Tuesday… when I should be writing my YA.

On that note – I’m off to do some other writing. Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week!



Mini Post Monday!

Life and Happiness

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone survived Mardi Gras this past weekend. I didn’t do a single thing to celebrate so…back to the grind!

Check out my new story!

I’ve been published again in Chicken Soup for the Soul! This time its in their annual dog compilation with a funny story about my pup Max. The book comes out Feb. 9th and you can get it at all the usual spots including here on Amazon. I’m so thrilled to be part of the Chicken Soup family. This is my second story published with them and I just sent in another one for consideration. If you think you have a good story suitable for their publications, check out their page for all the details of how you can submit. They have a plethora of great titles as well as dog and people food that they now sell!


What I’m Reading

I recently finished “Fear Mountain” by Mike Dellosso. Scary with a big dose of Christianity – I recommend it (as I do with most of Mike’s books.) Now I’m back to reading the E Series books by Kate Wrath. If you haven’t checked these out yet – DO IT. I rarely invest my money or time into a book series, but this one is SO worth it. I’ve only had to take a small break from it because the next in the series hasn’t come out yet! Now I know what all you Harry Potter people were talking about back in the day. The series starts in kind of an Old West sort of setting, but futuristic. (And, by the way, as a writer of book descriptions I typically think the descriptions most people use either 1) give too much away or 2) have nothing to do with the book. Not so with this series. The book descriptions are SPOT ON so if you like those – you’ll like the books.)

When I’m done with this series (I will weep and gnash my teeth I’m sure) it’ll be hard to move on to something else. I’m not even sure what I might read next. Not many on my Kindle will hold a candle to the E Series for sure. I may delve into some classics. What are you reading?

Writing Conferences

If you read my post last Monday you know I’m promoting the St. Davids Christian Writers Conference in Grove City, PA. I’m on the board there and it’s been such a blessing to me that I have to share it with all of you. If you live even remotely close and want to go to a conference, I HIGHLY suggest St. Davids. You will be blessed.

In addition, I’m looking at going to some other conferences this year and expanding my network and my knowledge about writing and editing. I’m thinking of going to the Lancaster Christian Writers Super Saturday event. They haven’t posted their dates and schedule yet though so… maybe not! (PS – Get on the ball folks! Your conference is in April!) (PPS – If you DO like Mike’s book I mentioned above, he will be at this one-day conference in Lancaster!)

On A Sadder Note

Last week my dad was informed that he would be a good candidate for open heart surgery. He had a small heart attack at the beginning of January and now they found two blockages in an artery intersection on the top of his heart. Because it’s in an intersection of arteries, they suggest a bypass instead of a stent or balloon procedure. He was given the option to have the surgery and he decided to do it. We’re hopeful about the surgery because Dad is in good health otherwise and the doctors feel that he’ll do well. Open heart surgery is still very serious though so I appreciate all prayers you would send our way. He’ll be in the hospital for about a week and will need a few months to completely recover. However, once the recovery is over he should feel better and may even be able to stop some medications he’s been on for his heart condition. If you pray – please do so. Thank you.

Hope each of you has a blessed and exciting week. Be sure to chime in below with what you’re reading and how your week is going. I love to stay in touch with you all and your comments give me life! God bless!

Mini-Post Monday- Beach Reflections

Life and Happiness, Writing

This past week we spent some time with our extended family Amy, Dwayne and their two daughters (our god daughters). It was the first time for us to vacation with children and the first time for us visiting Cape May, NJ. It was a fun week and we had terrific weather (couldn’t have asked for nicer truly). I was chatting with Amy and she asked me if I got any “inspiration” for my blogs or other writing. I did. And here are a few small snippets from our week.

1) The first thing I noticed about vacationing with children is that you drink less alcohol. We didn’t drive too many places, but I didn’t feel right drinking in front of the girls. Here was one reason: At one of the first places we went to eat there was a drink menu. I noticed that the alcoholic drinks all came in fancy glasses of all shapes and sizes. Martini glasses, fancy margarita glasses and all different ones. But the “regular” drinks all came in the same glass – a plain, clear tumbler. The girls sometimes got small plastic ones with lids, but typically the soda, water and what-not came in boring glasses. What must young people thing when they see all sorts of crazy concoctions with fruit dangling off the side and the drinks are all pretty shades and some even look like smoothies! What fun! I’m sure they’d like to try them. It kind of makes me wonder: did I really ever want to drink or was it the glasses that lured me in?


2) We noticed a strange phenomenon while on the beach one day. Cape May’s beach slopes down gradually away into the surf. I sat on top of the little hill one day watching my husband splash about further out in the waves. As I got tired, I lay back on my blanket the crashing of the surf changed to a dull roar – almost like thunder. It was the oddest thing. I had my husband, John, and Amy try this and both decided it was different. None of us could figure it out. I’ve tried to look it up and all I can come up with is that it’s some Physics thing (perhaps my father-in-law could explain it) that has to do with sound waves.292288448_cape-may-beach-13) Our oldest God daughter (6 years old) was a little skittish about getting into the surf. Her mom helped her the first day by holding both her hands, with her back to her mom’s knees, and standing right along the beach as the waves crashed just inches from their feet. Eventually Miss Megan decided they could take a few “baby steps” towards the water as she saw John and I enjoying ourselves (and not being swept away). Pretty soon many baby steps were made and they were knee deep in crashing waves with her giggles permeating the air. The laughter of a child truly experiencing something for the first time is one of the best sounds you’ll ever hear. Pure, unadulterated JOY. We laughed every time she laughed. She repeated the process with me the next day and it was even better for me as I held her two tiny hands in mine and experienced her laughter reverberating against my knees. I hope she will remember this moment… not sure if she will, but I think her mom got a few photos and some video so we can relive it as she grows.

There was so much more to this vacation (porch sitting and watching vacationers of all sizes, shapes and colors walk by, figuring out the lights off in the distance were Rehobeth Beach, taking Megan mini-golfing, Naomi not quite adjusting all week – but still having moments of joy, the Victorian houses that complete the Cape May look, and spending time in the pool) and I’m so blessed to have had this time with these special people in our lives. It isn’t about finding something to write about though – it’s more about experiencing it and then writing it down to have forever.

Mini Post Monday – Reflections

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This past week I pushed myself to do some exercise every day. I did well and even got in two 5K walks – one on my own and one for an actual race event (check out the JesVic if you’re in my neck of the woods.) This was my first race event in some time and I’m glad to be back to a place that I can walk this far. I’ll never run again due to arthritis issues, but walking is just as good. I had to cut back on food too because my hiatal hernia is acting up, causing me to feel full even when I’ve only eaten a small portion (probably because I’ve recently gained weight). It works well for weight loss, but I don’t feel great most of the time. I’m hoping the weight loss that is occurring will help ease my symptoms and I’ll be back to “normal” soon. I visited the doctor Friday (a normal 6-month check up time) and we’ve created a plan of attack as well.

This is a FREE photo! Yes, all the photos in my gallery are free! :) You can download it at full resolution (check the “all sizes” option) and do whatever you want with it: share it, adapt it and/or combine it with other material and distribute the resulting works. Please give photo credits to “Carlos ZGZ” and put a link to this page. I’ll be very happy to know that this photo has been useful to someone, so don’t hesitate to tell me about your use (and I will place here a link to it if you wish)! __ ¡Esta es una foto LIBRE! ¡Sí, todas las fotos de mi galería son libres! :) Puedes descargártela en plena resolución (usa la opción “all sizes”) y hacer lo que quieras con ella: compartirla tal cual, modificarla a tu gusto y/o combinarla con otro material y distribuir el resultado. Por favor, si utilizas esta foto dale el crédito a “Carlos ZGZ” y coloca un enlace a esta página Me hace mucha ilusión saber que una de mis fotos le ha servido a alguien. Así que si es tu caso, ¡no dudes en decírmelo! (y si quieres, pondré un enlace a tu proyecto aquí).

The beach always gives me inspiration. (Photo courtesy of Carlos ZGZ)

This week, I’m getting ready for vacation and conference times that are coming up. I’ve cut back my editing work load to prepare for these added stresses. (Yes, vacation shouldn’t be a stress, but we all know that PREPARING for vacation is stressful.) I’m looking forward to the time away though and pray that my creative juices will be jump started. I’ve struggled with writing lately, even though I’ve had small successes, and I really feel God calling me to pursue writing more. It’s hard when life gets in the way. I’m hoping that when I put life on hold for a bit, it’ll come back to me two-fold. We’ll be vacationing with the god daughters and their parents so I think I’ll have a lot of stories to draw from! Plus, I finished a short story/novella that I’m hoping to publish soon. It’s a chick flick/sci fi kind of thing…loosely structured on “A Christmas Carol” type theme (but not Christmas related.) Mainly I want to get that done and published (I’ll self publish it after I’ve had others do some beta reading/editing for me) so I can say 1) I’m a published author and 2) so I know how it’s done. I also have a young adult fiction novel I’m working on that I’d like to get out by next year. It’s kind of come to a stalemate, but, again, I’m hoping my creativity will strike again soon.

Digital StillCamera

Photo Courtesy of Carlos ZGZ – Flickr

In addition, I think I’d like to publish some non-fiction books. I’m trying to round out what God wants me to be doing and get it done. I don’t want to rush anything though because I want the quality to be there.

Will you read what I write? I hope so. I pray that God is leading me in new directions for His glory every day. And I’m trying hard to listen to His voice and even if no one reads it – I will have done what He’s asked. I hope you are pursuing similar goals.Have a great week!


Mini Post Monday – Writing Prompts

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I recently signed up for a 21 day writing prompt email list. I thought, “What a great way to get writing! Maybe it’ll help me bulk up the story I’m working on!” But it hasn’t. In fact, I’ve not written a single thing from these prompts (although they are good prompts) because they don’t fit into anything I can use in my story and because last week was atrociously busy.

BUT – I thought they might make for a good mini post and then my writing friends (like you!) can read these and try them out for yourself. If you’re interested in getting these prompts in your email check out: Writing Strides.

Prompt #1: Think of a time when your life (or a character’s) changed. You moved. You started a new job. Ended a relationship. How did it change your life? Was it your choice? Would you do things the same way if you had the chance to do them differently? If you can’t think of a time, start with “My life changed when…” and see what you discover.

This one is interesting because I took a memoir writing class a few weeks ago and wrote the following little tidbit. I think it fits in with this prompt.


Sunlight streams through the large windows, warming my skin. I will miss this room the most. This room, the kitchen, was my favorite when we signed the lease. I could see us here, around our small table, sunlight bouncing off the glass tabletop, while I cooked our meals. I envisioned blissful family dinners, sharing our day over cleaning up, and looking out the expansive windows, dreaming of our future together. I did cook one large meal here for both our parents. As I placed the golden turkey in front of them, I beamed with pride and my heart swelled at the thought of future dinners such as this. It was the first of many I was sure. Now I look down and pick at the peeling paint on the windowsill. Perhaps it is not so special after all. It was the only big meal I ever cooked here. The only one I will ever. It is my dream kitchen and a place I thought dreams would come true. But now I must pack up my dishes, my pots and pans and put the table into storage. I can’t afford this dream on my own and he doesn’t feel the same way – about me or the kitchen.


Prompt #2: Write about yesterday, focusing on all the parts that make you ask questions or wonder how something came to be.


It seems like my feet hit the bedroom floor running. My bed is perhaps the only sanctuary I have, in fact. It tends to be the only place that I actually take a breath. Oh yes. Breathe. *inhale, exhale* There that’s don’t for the day, let’s move on. I need to finish up my Simply Said order (TODAY!) and get in touch with the hostess so she can pick her items. Oh! And make a deposit so I can actually PAY for the order. And do my editing work so I don’t get backed up…June is going to be nuts. Too much going on. Why did I ever decide on vacation AND the conference in one month? But they should both be relaxing, right? *Note to self: make vacation relaxing.* Why can’t people just DECIDE already on these orders! Sheesh – another question. Okay. Be thankful you have interest. Be gracious. Remember, you need customers. Shoot I need to get out a sympathy card for my friend. Better do that right now. *up steps, get card and envelope, back down steps* I really need to bathe Max too. Well that’s not going to happen today. Here’s hoping his skin will survive another day…or four…on that. Dinner… what’s for dinner. Oh right, leftovers. Thank God. I don’t have time for that today. And writing group tonight. Oh! I don’t have anything printed out for group. Okay. *Pulls up story on computer. Works on it for 2 hours* Finally! I can print now. What? It’s 3 already! Sheesh. Better tidy up around here before John gets home. *Finish towel laundry, let dog out ten times, sweep off deck while waiting on dog, throw some papers away, find another story to type out, make mental note to add to blog tomorrow… FIN

So there you have it. Just my brain musings today. As you can see it goes from crazy to reminiscing. Now I’m off again to other unexpected interruptions for the day.