Saturday Plans

Life and Happiness

This past week has been filled with a plethora of editing jobs. (They seem to just come in all at once and then they go out about the same time and I wait and wait until they come back again.) I don’t usually get too excited about weekends. I work from home so I’m always, well, home and I sometimes work on the weekends so…. BUT I’m truly looking forward to this Saturday, though, so I’m happy it’s Friday!

Tomorrow, I’m thrilled to attend two events with people who are near and dear to my heart.

The first is the Susquehanna Valley Writers’ Workshop luncheon. A small bunch of local writers get together and have lunch at a nice restaurant near here. We chit chat, mingle, network, laugh and bond. I’ll also get a chance to sell some of my books, see some friends I haven’t seen in awhile and, potentially, pick up a few more editing clients. (Fingers crossed, prayers said.) It’s a great time even if I don’t sell a single book or find any new clients. It’s just good to be with my “people” – people who write.

Then, after the luncheon, I’m off to my DAR chapter’s awards ceremony. Each year, we give out awards to a variety of people in our area. We have a Community Service Award, a Good Citizen Award (I think these typically go to teenagers from local schools – complete with a small scholarship) and a Historical Preservation Award. It’s a good way for us to promote people who are doing good in their communities as well as a chance for others to see what the DAR does. We’re not just a bunch of old ladies in hats, you know.

Did you know that the National DAR gives out scholarships, provides teacher resources, supports our veterans and has DAR sponsored schools for children without proper educational resources? I bet we do a lot in the Daughters of the American Revolution that you didn’t know about. Go to our national website to learn all about what the DAR does and how you can become a member!

After the awards ceremony, I’m going to spend some much needed time with my husband. He has been working very hard on his doctorate schooling and we’ll take Saturday evening to possibly go out to dinner or snuggle on the couch and watch some TV.

In the end, it’ll be a hectic Saturday and not very restful, but I’m looking forward to intermingling with people that have the same desires and interests as I do. It’s always good to spend time with the people whom share similar interests. I hope your weekend is shaping up to be a good one too!

Happy Friday!


Check This Out! (Let’s try again!)


Hey readers – I am guest blogging on the St. David’s Christian Writer’s Association’s blog today. Check it out here:

Their blog is primarily being written by the members of the Association, which gathers for a writing conference every year in June. The members come from all parts of this great nation and range from “new writer” to “well published.” You can check it out here. The conference is an uplifting, engaging and educational experience. You will meet friends for life and gain a wealth of writing knowledge. If you are looking for a writer’s conference – I urge you to check this one out.

But for just today – check out my blog on their site!