I’ve edited full-length novels, short stories, Christian devotions, websites and even poetry. My clientele is diverse and I love them all. Here are just a few – be sure to give them some book love and be sure to scroll down for some client testimonials too.

USA Today best-selling author, K.M Hodge’s Syndicate-Born Trilogy was a pleasure to edit. Packed to the edges with romance and suspense, you won’t want to put these down!


The Stormbourne Chronicles

Heir of Thunder is the first in a trilogy I’ve been working on with author Karissa Laurel. If you love YA Fantasy, you’ll love this book (and the ones to follow). The second, Quest for Thunder, is out too and the third, Crown of Thunder will be out late 2018.



Shannyn Leah is a romance author I’ve been working with for years now. I’ve edited all of the books you see here and all the others she currently has on the market. It’s been a pleasure working with her and I’m glad to have met her.


  • “I love working with Sue. She has edited my five, 350 page books and is working on my sixth book now! She is amazing and tackles everything from formatting to grammar and word choices, while providing helpful critique. She’s quick, easy and a delight to work with. In each of my novels she goes above and beyond my expectations! She also writes the synopsis for my novels and they are fantastic! She answers any questions that I have and Sue is there and gets back to me if I need extra help. I trust her completely and look forward to our future work together.”Shannyn Leah, romance author
  • “You have truly gone above and beyond, and I appreciate that so much. Your work is astounding, and I appreciate what you’ve done for me. I feel as though I’ve improved greatly as a writer from working with you, and I’m grateful for that opportunity to have worked with you.” – S. Mananquil, author of The Secrets of God: Who God Is, And How It Applies to You
  • “I thank God that you are my editor. My writing is more focused/on point. Your edits make my words flow better.” — E. Molanare, devotion author
  • “It’s not easy to find someone professional who is able to deliver great service, pleasant to work with and have good ethics as well. I’m glad I found it all in one person – YOU!” — Hedva Federman, author of Eternal ABE
  • “There are no words to describe how great this experience was! This was the fastest service I’ve ever received. Where has Sue been all my life?! She’s honest, intelligent and creative. Mind blown.” – Atoyia Pencil, author of The Reunion
  • “Sue Fairchild is delightful to work with. Her knowledge of grammar and punctuation reconstructed my sentences, clarifying my meaning. She encouraged me to search deep inside myself and to pour my soul onto the page in order to connect with the reader. Sue gave suggestions where needed, giving clear examples for me to consider. Yet at every point she respected my writing skills. While she pointed out my weaknesses, she also complimented my strengths. In the end, she strengthened my voice, stretched me as a writer, and polished my manuscript until it shined. I am well pleased with Sue’s professionalism and the manner in which she presents her knowledge.” – Brenda K. Hendricks, author/illustrator (book I helped edit: Reflections of the Creator in Us )
  • “There was something wrong with my story and you fixed the problem. I read it to family members and a couple of close friends. I appreciate their kind words, but it didn’t change that feeling, knowing something at the end wasn’t right. The small changes you made did it. No one knew what I was talking about. I knew. So, thank you.” – Christina


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